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Spindrift7 Dec
"Le bateau est taillé pour ce genre de record. Dès que la mer est forte, on tient des moyennes plus élevées grâce au plus gros volume de coque centrale," @yannguichard Découvrez l'article complet sur notre tentative à venir, paru dans @leJDD >
Spindrift3 Dec
Did you know that we’re monitoring the icebergs locations ? Welcome behind the scenes ! Here is our skipper @yannguichard discussing about it with CLS Group prior to our upcoming attempt of the #JulesVerneTrophy. #Embarkwithsailsofchange #30x30
Spindrift1 Dec
Jean-Yves Bernot, onshore router for @donabertarelli and @yannguichard‘s team discusses the meteorological uncertainties of these last few days: 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 @spindriftracing
spindrift_racing1 Dec
"Though conditions were favourable to reach the Equator in under five days, the situation in the South Atlantic wouldn't have allowed the maxi-trimaran @sailsofchange to reach the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope in the time we were hoping for."⠀ ⠀ Jean-Yves Bernot, onshore...
spindrift_racing30 Nov
We are back in CODE 🔴 The situation has deteriorated in the South Atlantic, and the 2 weather models are now aligned, with the conditions being not as good as expected. The routings are less promising, and we decided not to take this weather window...
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True to its name which conjures up images of spray blown from the crests of waves by the breeze, the open ocean and human adventures, the Spindrift team is writing a new chapter in its history. Targeting performance naturally remains central to this ambition, guided by the commitment displayed by its owners Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard.

Born from their shared passion for the ocean, the Spindrift epic continues today for its preservation.

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Our survival depends on nature. Indeed, humanity’s fate is inextricably linked to the balance of the natural world, and the health of the oceans in particular, which cover two-thirds of our planet.

Inspired by the beauty of our planet and its biodiversity, Sails of Change is a platform which shines a spotlight on how important it is to restore a lasting balance between humanity and its environment.

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