Jules Verne Trophy 2021

Weather window : Stand by


  • Distance : 40300 km
  • Format : Record
  • Team : Maxi-Trimaran

The Jules Verne Trophy is the crewed, unassisted round the world record under sail along a distance of 21,760 nautical miles (40,300 km), which equates to the theoretical great circle route. In less than 30 years, the reference time has been halved, shrinking from 79d 06h 16’ in 1993 to 40d 23h 30’ in 2017. Spindrift has made three attempts at breaking the record, posting the third best time in history in 2016, as well as securing the record between Ushant and the equator in 2019. On 1 November 2021, the team commences standby for a fourth attempt, flying the flag for Sails of Change.


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