Sails of Change suffers damage

On course in an attempt to set a new North Atlantic record, Sails of Change collided with an unidentified floating object early on Thursday evening, resulting in the breakage of the port rudder.
Yann Guichard and his team are now heading back to New York, where Sails of Change is expected to arrive in two days’ time. Late this morning, the skipper spoke about the circumstances surrounding the collision.

Yann Guichard: “It’s a great disappointment for the whole crew. We were all prepared for the exceptional conditions to attempt this legendary record. As soon as we set off the team was focused and in the right sailing mode. But as night fell on Thursday we collided with an unidentified floating object. We all knew that our challenge would be subject to many ups and downs as the record is hard to come by. Fortunately, none of the crew was injured. For all of us, it’s a great disappointment. We’re going to take some time to digest what has happened before looking ahead to what comes next.

Sails of Change reduced speed before turning back towards New York. She should docked in a couple of days’ time when a full inspection of the maxi trimaran can be carried out.

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